SNOWNEIGE is a specialized Maine Coon Cattery in Osaka Japan.
Our cattery is not a big one, however, all of cats in here are dealing with each other without fighting, and helping nursing kittens without asking to do from me.
They usually play and bounce off the walls with my twin brothers (human being) within a house. And They play a lot with baby sitter who is my workfellow and take care of my cats during absence for cat showing.
I am proud of nursing cats with "plenty full of love" specific to such a small cattery like us.

About Cattery Name

The word of SNOWNEIGE is a coined terms developed by me with joining "SNOW" as English word and "NEIGE" as French word standing for snow. I did that because the meaning of my name is snow and I love snow.
This cattery name is registered with TICA and CFA.

As a Breeder

My first Maine coon cat come to my house on 2005.
In the wake of starting new life in my parents' neighborhood, I started looking for a Maine Coon cat because I'd wanted it long before. Then, I lucked out in the cat department.
I leaned about propagation at university and obtained the qualification of national domestic animal artificial insemination technologist. However, cats are totally different animal from those I learned about. So, I study and arm with experience from my cats every day.
As to cat showing, I am not a frequent exhibitor due to work commitments, although I try to going there as much as I can because I feel that is a kind of study for me.
To follow the standard must be made much account of in breeding, by the same token, I am in my desire to bring up Maine Coons in good health, having good character and being loved by all.

I Love White Color

When I was a little I was absolutely-fascinated with a white cat with odd-eye always sitting the next to cash register of tobacco shop in my neighborhood.
That fateful encounter influenced me a lot because all of my pets are white in color from then on.
I had an Akita-Inu, a rabbit, a parakeet, cats, and a hamster as our little family members. And their coat and feathers are white white color!
Like that, I am a kind of genuine white color lovers.
As for odd-eye on which I crushed and got off, I still have a special feeling for it.
That is because I prefer to white color even it is a landscape where I go to, I love going to a beautiful snowcapped mountain. So, I go skiing every winter for spending an enjoyable time surrounded by my favorite white view.

Managing the Health

SNOWNEIGE conducts vaccination, blood testing, and medical check on all cats in regular manner.
Also, DNA test of HCM is conducted on all propagable aged cats.
All of studs and female cats will have testing of HCM,HD and PKD by echo and check on articulatio coxae before mating. Only cleared cats by examinations can be in our breeding program.